Friday, June 30, 2006

here's a bunch of stuff i've doodled throughout the day. Just to hold you over for the long weekend. I'll most likely be back tuesday. unless something else comes up.

I drew this because i was really mad. i mean, like really mad. so mad, that i killed a fish, and got even madder about it. I made my face like a chinese dragon, thats how mad i was.

I drew this while bored. I liked it a lot. I think i need to start drawing with brushes again. that was always fun. and flash definitely replicates it to some extent, at least in the overall feel of a drawing.

I have to draw a toothbrush with a t-rex head on it so i started doodling these weird t-rexes. they look like the guys from bubble bobble but i think they're cuter. or at least more fun. This is just one of the fifty bajillion i did today.

Don't ask, don't tell policy on this one.

And here's a d00d rockin' out! fuck yeah!

--the balls

sorry i didn't post yesterday. i had a bbq instead.

and even though i typically post stuff at work i was very busy yesterday with shit for the show.

so here's a sexy bitch for you to make up for it.

and this is my kitty. he hates me but i love him dearly.

--the balls

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

this is for a friend of mine because he wants to run away and move to the mountains. i told him he could find the female sasquatch and fall in love with her.

and then i thought it would be a good doodle so i took a whole five seconds and doodled it.

it looks like shit but whatever i'm sure he'll have a good laugh.

--the balls

for today's menu we have...


and this little doodle. BOREDOM ENSUES.

--the balls

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

here's some random shit while i draw more stuff in my new journal.

i drew this weird ghost looking guy and i thought he looked pretty cool. definitely inspired by the fact i was drawing those ghosts all day yesterday. or at least all afternoon.

And this is the truth.


--the balls

Monday, June 26, 2006

here's some ghosts for the show.

trying to work out which works best for some thing for the show.

--the balls

for the sake of boredom i drew this really weird thing the other day --

..... don't ask.

and this was just boredom on my part.

--the balls

Sunday, June 25, 2006

here's the finale to the carrot journal...

here's that guy from ren n' stimpy.. i forget his name but he adopted the twosome in one of the episodes... he's like an ex-army dude.

and here's the back cover.

i'm not a vegetarian nor am i vegan but i got free stickers from peta and the one with the bunny on it was the only one i could really agree with fully.

and i printed out poopies and put it on the back. cuz poopies is funny.

--the end...?

Friday, June 23, 2006

ok one more for the road.

Oh the triple entendre of pandas....

how i love thee.

--the balls

here's somethign to hold you over for the weekend. Maybe I'll scan some stuff from my new doodlebook this weekend, since monday concludes this particular journal.

It's mitsuki from Kappy Mikey. I got bored and doodled her since she's the only one on the show with boobs.

--the balls

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

i'm not going to have time to post something later so here's a little something to please the eyes for today....

This is what i felt like today. I spent all day drawing christmas props. INTENSE. I'll probably have to rework them tomorrow.

I'm off!

--the balls

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

huzzah! i get my first paycheck tomorrow. I am very, very excited.

this is an angry pickle with one eye. I really don't know what on earth posessed me to draw this. but i did

This is the deer of the damned. Totally... again, i dont know what posessed me. it started out as a goat but it didn't really look like a goat so i gave it antlers.

--the balls

Monday, June 19, 2006

so here's today's actual installment... of crap...

I drew this one day while i was interning where i now work while i was bored. It came out pretty nice. you can obviously tell i was bored for awhile. I think i came home and added the little angel/devil monsters later on. and to tell you the truth, i dont know why i did. probably to fill up space.

This is one i did, again, at my internship where i now work... "You lookin' at my eye" is a quote from cannibal the musical. If you haven't seen that movie, i highly suggest that you do. It is probably Trey Parker and Matt Stone's best and earliest work, done while on spring break during college. It's awesome. But it comes from the scene where they all come upon the cyclops in the mountains, who squirts pus (which was acutally cream soda) out of his one eye and says "you lookin' at my eye". It is my favorite scene from the movie. and i love saying "you lookin' at my eye" all the time.

--the balls

hey i just drew this... friday. Yeah i had lots of time after work to do all these shitty doodles of this hamster. I'm trying to figure out if i should name him "hammy" or "peepers", which is the name i gave my first hamster...

before my sister lysoled him to death...

and fed him a bean burrito.

--the balls

Sunday, June 18, 2006

holy fuckshit it is HOT today. ew.

here's the installment.

so today is for pandas! yayyy two pages of pandas. these are my three evil pandas... angry, dead, and sleepy bear. angry is perpetually angry, dead bear is well, dead, and sleepy always sleeps. i like to do funny and/or fucked up things with them. maybe someday i'll scan the skullfuck one. that one's dirty!

and this one is just a random panda saying he smells like farts. why? well, because farts are funny. at least in my book they are.

i got my new journal today since i filled this one up already. i have to figure out what to draw on the first page, since putting the first few pages in are usually the hardest.

until tomorrow....

--the balls

Friday, June 16, 2006

sorry, kids... I won't be able to post anything again till sunday or monday. So here's a little tidbit i drew for all you loyal viewers... it kinda looks like shit but i still love it. Sexy bitches, hooray!

happy weekend!


--the balls

Thursday, June 15, 2006

here's today's installment...

I did this, once again, while waiting for film class to start. I started saying "for real" all the time for no apparent reason so i decided to take note of it in this drawing. not saying that the drawing is supposed to represent me in any way, shape, or form, because it looks nothing like me. Her shoulder is a little sharp. I think that was partly due to the crappy pen i was using.

This is one i did for something for my school... every year the animation department throws "animation dreams" which is the show that showcases all the animation sudents' stuff. It is usually absolute dogshit, not to any fault of the students themselves but more or less the blame falls to our awful chairman who sucks cocks in hell.

But it's a scene from my animation. Shit, i did post a lot of bunnies. Oh WELL

Look I was kinda on tv!

I was in the dark area behind the asian chick and the russian guy towards the end of the segment. you can't really see me, but whatever. you can still take a sweet peek at where i work.

--the balls

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

ok so i just got back from work and since, of course, i was drunk yesterday (yay tuesdays) i'll post what i was supposed to post yesterday...

This is another killer bunny. but this is more in the style of the cartoon i made. It's all part of my grand scheme for my cartoon.

I drew this rabbit all the time and i liked trying him out in unconventional ways, i did a few that were just kind of whacked out and such and they were cool too. But i didn't want to plaster people with images of bunnies everywhere so i decided this was the best to post.

This is something i did while i was waiting for my film class to start. I'd usually have to show up 5 or 10 minutes early to get a good seat so i could see the screen.

But this is exactly how i felt that one particular day. Not that every time i was in that class was quite as extreme as this but i pretty much always just wanted to go home and do something else.

i like the way this came out. Not everything about it is perfect, the neck is a little too cockeyed for me and it doesn't really look like "I" am standing properly. I fixed it up and now it's my background on my computer. It's neato.

Until next time, bitches.

--the balls

sorry i didn't post new/old pages yesterday. I went to a barbeque and got drunk instead. to hold you over until i get home here's something interesting i just doodled.

everyone loves pandas. especially when they talk about farts.

--the balls

Monday, June 12, 2006

Work today was good. I met some new people and finally got my own desk. Yay! I get to decorate it with shit. that's exciting. I think i'll do some drawings of the characters from the show in my style, well, because I pretty much have them down as though they were my own creations.

So to start off where we left off... This is something i doodled one day after christmas... When I was pretty drained from making christmas presents for friends. Most of the stuff before this drawing were preliminaries for paintings and a pair of chucks i made for friends.

Either way, I liked the way she came out a lot, i think her knees are a wee bit too over-extended, and she kinda looks like she has horse legs, but what can you do. And the drips on it, they're from a really shitty paint marker i used to color my friend's chucks. That thing fucking exploded. And i rubbed the page on itself in the corner so it would stop sticking together so badly and crumpled the page.

So that's why the page looks like shit.

And now, killer bunnies!

This came to me once i started getting the real idea i wanted for my cartoon this past year. Killer bunnies, cute until they bite your arm off...

And there's some chicks at the bottom just to fill up space. I did a lot of drawing on top of other drawings to save paper, and plus, when you have a full page it looks more like a peice than a bunch of doodles on a page.

I think that'll be about it for today. Until next time...

--the balls

Sunday, June 11, 2006

hah it's kinda funny that it took me over a month to post absolutely anything here. but still, it's worth the wait to take a peek into my journal and see how my brain works. i did cut out most of the juicy shit anyway, just because thats personal and all.

This is some preliminary work from my recent cartoon - the buzzards of green hill. If you go to my deviantart page you can watch the first half, the second half is not yet posted due to the fact i'm editing it and refinishing the whole cartoon in flash. I'm hoping to have that done by the end of the summer.

But yeah, my original idea was to have the antelope get run over as well as the rabbit, kind of like the buzzard was on a killing spree of some kind, creating roadkill wherever he went. but that kinda got flushed as well as the original story idea i had as well.

Check back for more on the film. I'm gonna see if i can't submit it to festivals once it's absolutely perfect. Like the dustys, or for animation block party, or other little things. That'd be hot.

This is one i did while bored. I drew her sideways and then realized how cool it would be to finish off her bottom half, so i had it go onto the next page horizontally. Her boobies look kinda funny but i overall like the way it came out. Minus her huge, beastly legs. I've gotten a lot better about slimming down the legs i draw. Granted, I still like the bitches i draw to have big, meaty thighs but i've gotten better about drawing huge ankles which lead to me drawing huge feet. Much like this girl's gigantic feet.

I got a lot of inspiration for this one by looking back through my gallery and I had done this one way back called "gr8 pigtails" with this huge muscle chick with awesome pigtails, so i figured i'd recreate the pigtails and change the body on her.

And she's in a really weird stance but, i drew the top before i even thought about adding a bottom and that's just the way it turned out.

C'est la vis!

--the balls

Saturday, June 10, 2006

so I've decided that the best (or at least coolest) way i can go about this is to make it like my journal since that's pretty much all of what i'll be posting here - bits from my journal.

So here's the cover! yayyy isn't it cool. I didn't design it or anything but i did write gr8ball 2k5/2k6 on it and i put the manbearpig stickers on it. and the bear and stars stickers on the bottom.

By the way you can click on these tiny images to go to the actual sized picture. Isn't that nice?

I forget what artist actually did design the book but you can buy it from they have some other neato ones too, i just bought another one from them since this one is pretty much full minus two or three pages.

I figured it would be a good idea to post the things i've been meaning to post for awhile before i go ahead and post anything new. So I guess I'll go in chronological order from here on.

So here's one of the first pages that i felt was scan-worthy. I'm not gonna scan everything because, well, because there's a lot of junk in there that isn't worth the time of scanning. I liked these little figure sketches i did after my first class with mr. gaffney. what an awesome teacher. Anyway it was way back in september that i did these. or october. Something like that.

Dan got a hold of my journal and drew lots of perverted things in it. Behind the peice of rolling paper he glued in there that says "I love Chrissy" on it is a dick and a vagina.

I scanned like 12 more of these but i figure i can spread them out over a few days and keep the suspense going.

--the balls

Friday, June 09, 2006

this is how i feel right about now.

i just finished my first week of work, yay!!

I'm sure i'll post something more exciting eventually.

--the balls