Monday, August 28, 2006

huzzah for belated updates. I was camping this past weekend so i haven't really had time to doodle, plus we've been working on a very labor-intensive episode for the show. By the way, we've now moved Kappa Mikey to Nickelodeon, catch new episodes sundays at 11 am! huzzah! apparently the show is doing very well for itself, and has been declared #1 among young girls and #2 among young boys for sunday cartoons. I think, something like that. whatever.

This is for my honey-bee. I drew him as a bee... how fitting? yeah and i'm the flower. I'm not gonna tell you what "oh daniel" means cuz it's secret.
(his name isn't daniel, either.)

I've been on a kick of drawing chicks all bent out of shape. I like seeing how far I can push the human form until it looks unnatural.

This one is the same.

But this one i was just being stupid.

==the balls==

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