Monday, February 26, 2007

i've always wanted to draw a bitch with a gun. this is the closest i've ever gotten to accepting it, even though the gun is shitty as i did not use reference.

still working on it... might color it, dunno yet really. i always like posting these things 1.2 way thru so i can notice all the things that bother me about them.



Process Junkie said...

Hey! Did you just add the girl with the gun? I didn't see her before. Maybe I'm loosing my mind. Oh well!

Thanks for dropping by and showing me some love, I really do appreciate it. And thanks for sharing your art, I looked at the whole thing and all I see is constant improvement, your girls are nicely drawn, the guns, heck, don't worry about the guns, the girls rock, who the hell cares about the guns, I certainly do not. That's no big deal, nothing that a plastic toy gun can't fix. :)

The image right below the gun chick is my favorite, Great form on that one.

Keep on drawing and take care, maybe we'll get together in the summer and go to Bryant park to sketch some ladies. That'd be swell!

All the best!

mikecarloooyeah said...

The girl sitting Is super awesome, if it's only half way done the finished piece will be incredible.