Friday, March 23, 2007

I drew this for sal because today is his last day and it makes me very sad to see him leave. but he's got bigger and better fish to fry. And no amount of whining i could do could persuade him otherwise. But he will be sorely missed as he was like a brother to me!

sadly ==theballs==


sal iovine said...

chrissy just remember you are crazy talented. i love this pic you drew of me. it really captures my craziness for technology and love of the iphone. i will miss you dearly. it was a pleasure.
your friend to the end.

Jonny said...

Oh, Pissy-Chrissy... ;)

I love this one... it made me smile all hardcore and shit.

By the by, thanks for the offer of a place to crash just in case, haha... i really appreciate it. Tina and I are actually going to look at a place today... fingers crossed.

Oooh, but I love this drawing, though... and the iPHONE! Yummy.