Friday, January 18, 2008

Holy CRAP I've been busy. This whole working full time school full time and thesis project full time thing is really killing me. But I'm having a blast being back at work and I'm way excited to see my final thesis project when it's done. Anyway, where was I... Oh yeah, doodles! I have doodles. There's a few from me just dicking around and a few that are layouts for my thesis. Lots of stuff to do! Lots of animating to do by Feb. 14th. Only two more weeks...! wtf am I doing? I'm gonna end up dead by April, I swear. I mean, seriously.

Also if anyone wants to lend a hand with color treatments for my thesis that would be awesome! It's simple stuff and if you've got some spare time to help a sister out it would be badass.


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