Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Whew! I've been busy these past couple of days! At least in the ways of doodling, anyway.
I just did this one this morning during a lull at work. I doodled it on a piece of paper during my monday night class and rather liked the way it came out, so I recreated it. I think it came out better on my paper doodle.

This one I did for my monday night teacher, Dave Levy. He works on Assy Mcgee and I started out drawing a chick but really only liked the butt and legs part, so I just cut out the rest. I call her "Rosy Cheeks".
Then this last one I did for Art Jumble for this week's theme. It's my two favorite boys in the world, Dougie and Butters! They're still just babies and they're so handsome.


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