Sunday, March 23, 2008

My mom and I have been exploiting the best of both our talents and making crazy cakes. You could say we want to be the mother/daughter duo of Ace of Cakes. Anyway, yesterday we put together this Betty Boop Cake for her friend's 50th birthday. It's a dark chocolate layer cake with chocolate ganache icing. I made the Betty out of marzipan. She looked great but fell apart a little bit during her transport.

A few months back we made this 50's malt shop for another friend's 50th birthday. That one came out great. The countertop is vanilla cake with buttercream icing and fondant on top of it. The barstools are fondant and the floor is checker boarded dark and white chocolate. I made the 50's girl out of fondant, as well as the milkshakes lined up on the bar. The Jukebox is a fondant-covered rice krispies treat.


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Anonymous said...

these cakes look great. I needed help making a juke box for my sister and i's gingerbread house and you gave me some great ideas. You both are very talented. Keep up the good work!!