Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hello world and happy new year!!! Check out my new short called Angel 2nd Class. Just click the picture to the right to go to the download page.


==the balls==


mikecarloooyeah said...

This was pretty awesome CHrissy, Did you write and direct this? or was it a freelance gig. Either way very nice.

Gr8Ball said...

Nay, I did not write or direct, but i did all the storyboards, backgrounds, and animating. It was freelance and it was a lot of fun! It's amazing that it was about as long as my thesis but only took half the time... :-P

sal iovine said...

chrissy this is amazing *ish yo. well animated and really nice posing. i have to say your animation has definitely gotten a lot stronger. gr8 job!