Sunday, June 11, 2006

hah it's kinda funny that it took me over a month to post absolutely anything here. but still, it's worth the wait to take a peek into my journal and see how my brain works. i did cut out most of the juicy shit anyway, just because thats personal and all.

This is some preliminary work from my recent cartoon - the buzzards of green hill. If you go to my deviantart page you can watch the first half, the second half is not yet posted due to the fact i'm editing it and refinishing the whole cartoon in flash. I'm hoping to have that done by the end of the summer.

But yeah, my original idea was to have the antelope get run over as well as the rabbit, kind of like the buzzard was on a killing spree of some kind, creating roadkill wherever he went. but that kinda got flushed as well as the original story idea i had as well.

Check back for more on the film. I'm gonna see if i can't submit it to festivals once it's absolutely perfect. Like the dustys, or for animation block party, or other little things. That'd be hot.

This is one i did while bored. I drew her sideways and then realized how cool it would be to finish off her bottom half, so i had it go onto the next page horizontally. Her boobies look kinda funny but i overall like the way it came out. Minus her huge, beastly legs. I've gotten a lot better about slimming down the legs i draw. Granted, I still like the bitches i draw to have big, meaty thighs but i've gotten better about drawing huge ankles which lead to me drawing huge feet. Much like this girl's gigantic feet.

I got a lot of inspiration for this one by looking back through my gallery and I had done this one way back called "gr8 pigtails" with this huge muscle chick with awesome pigtails, so i figured i'd recreate the pigtails and change the body on her.

And she's in a really weird stance but, i drew the top before i even thought about adding a bottom and that's just the way it turned out.

C'est la vis!

--the balls

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