Monday, June 19, 2006

so here's today's actual installment... of crap...

I drew this one day while i was interning where i now work while i was bored. It came out pretty nice. you can obviously tell i was bored for awhile. I think i came home and added the little angel/devil monsters later on. and to tell you the truth, i dont know why i did. probably to fill up space.

This is one i did, again, at my internship where i now work... "You lookin' at my eye" is a quote from cannibal the musical. If you haven't seen that movie, i highly suggest that you do. It is probably Trey Parker and Matt Stone's best and earliest work, done while on spring break during college. It's awesome. But it comes from the scene where they all come upon the cyclops in the mountains, who squirts pus (which was acutally cream soda) out of his one eye and says "you lookin' at my eye". It is my favorite scene from the movie. and i love saying "you lookin' at my eye" all the time.

--the balls

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