Saturday, June 10, 2006

so I've decided that the best (or at least coolest) way i can go about this is to make it like my journal since that's pretty much all of what i'll be posting here - bits from my journal.

So here's the cover! yayyy isn't it cool. I didn't design it or anything but i did write gr8ball 2k5/2k6 on it and i put the manbearpig stickers on it. and the bear and stars stickers on the bottom.

By the way you can click on these tiny images to go to the actual sized picture. Isn't that nice?

I forget what artist actually did design the book but you can buy it from they have some other neato ones too, i just bought another one from them since this one is pretty much full minus two or three pages.

I figured it would be a good idea to post the things i've been meaning to post for awhile before i go ahead and post anything new. So I guess I'll go in chronological order from here on.

So here's one of the first pages that i felt was scan-worthy. I'm not gonna scan everything because, well, because there's a lot of junk in there that isn't worth the time of scanning. I liked these little figure sketches i did after my first class with mr. gaffney. what an awesome teacher. Anyway it was way back in september that i did these. or october. Something like that.

Dan got a hold of my journal and drew lots of perverted things in it. Behind the peice of rolling paper he glued in there that says "I love Chrissy" on it is a dick and a vagina.

I scanned like 12 more of these but i figure i can spread them out over a few days and keep the suspense going.

--the balls

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mademoiselle absinthe said...

hey chrissy!!!!

glad u have a blog, i love blogs and will be reading this rountinely....