Sunday, June 18, 2006

holy fuckshit it is HOT today. ew.

here's the installment.

so today is for pandas! yayyy two pages of pandas. these are my three evil pandas... angry, dead, and sleepy bear. angry is perpetually angry, dead bear is well, dead, and sleepy always sleeps. i like to do funny and/or fucked up things with them. maybe someday i'll scan the skullfuck one. that one's dirty!

and this one is just a random panda saying he smells like farts. why? well, because farts are funny. at least in my book they are.

i got my new journal today since i filled this one up already. i have to figure out what to draw on the first page, since putting the first few pages in are usually the hardest.

until tomorrow....

--the balls

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