Thursday, June 15, 2006

here's today's installment...

I did this, once again, while waiting for film class to start. I started saying "for real" all the time for no apparent reason so i decided to take note of it in this drawing. not saying that the drawing is supposed to represent me in any way, shape, or form, because it looks nothing like me. Her shoulder is a little sharp. I think that was partly due to the crappy pen i was using.

This is one i did for something for my school... every year the animation department throws "animation dreams" which is the show that showcases all the animation sudents' stuff. It is usually absolute dogshit, not to any fault of the students themselves but more or less the blame falls to our awful chairman who sucks cocks in hell.

But it's a scene from my animation. Shit, i did post a lot of bunnies. Oh WELL

Look I was kinda on tv!

I was in the dark area behind the asian chick and the russian guy towards the end of the segment. you can't really see me, but whatever. you can still take a sweet peek at where i work.

--the balls

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