Wednesday, June 14, 2006

ok so i just got back from work and since, of course, i was drunk yesterday (yay tuesdays) i'll post what i was supposed to post yesterday...

This is another killer bunny. but this is more in the style of the cartoon i made. It's all part of my grand scheme for my cartoon.

I drew this rabbit all the time and i liked trying him out in unconventional ways, i did a few that were just kind of whacked out and such and they were cool too. But i didn't want to plaster people with images of bunnies everywhere so i decided this was the best to post.

This is something i did while i was waiting for my film class to start. I'd usually have to show up 5 or 10 minutes early to get a good seat so i could see the screen.

But this is exactly how i felt that one particular day. Not that every time i was in that class was quite as extreme as this but i pretty much always just wanted to go home and do something else.

i like the way this came out. Not everything about it is perfect, the neck is a little too cockeyed for me and it doesn't really look like "I" am standing properly. I fixed it up and now it's my background on my computer. It's neato.

Until next time, bitches.

--the balls

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