Friday, June 30, 2006

here's a bunch of stuff i've doodled throughout the day. Just to hold you over for the long weekend. I'll most likely be back tuesday. unless something else comes up.

I drew this because i was really mad. i mean, like really mad. so mad, that i killed a fish, and got even madder about it. I made my face like a chinese dragon, thats how mad i was.

I drew this while bored. I liked it a lot. I think i need to start drawing with brushes again. that was always fun. and flash definitely replicates it to some extent, at least in the overall feel of a drawing.

I have to draw a toothbrush with a t-rex head on it so i started doodling these weird t-rexes. they look like the guys from bubble bobble but i think they're cuter. or at least more fun. This is just one of the fifty bajillion i did today.

Don't ask, don't tell policy on this one.

And here's a d00d rockin' out! fuck yeah!

--the balls

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