Monday, June 12, 2006

Work today was good. I met some new people and finally got my own desk. Yay! I get to decorate it with shit. that's exciting. I think i'll do some drawings of the characters from the show in my style, well, because I pretty much have them down as though they were my own creations.

So to start off where we left off... This is something i doodled one day after christmas... When I was pretty drained from making christmas presents for friends. Most of the stuff before this drawing were preliminaries for paintings and a pair of chucks i made for friends.

Either way, I liked the way she came out a lot, i think her knees are a wee bit too over-extended, and she kinda looks like she has horse legs, but what can you do. And the drips on it, they're from a really shitty paint marker i used to color my friend's chucks. That thing fucking exploded. And i rubbed the page on itself in the corner so it would stop sticking together so badly and crumpled the page.

So that's why the page looks like shit.

And now, killer bunnies!

This came to me once i started getting the real idea i wanted for my cartoon this past year. Killer bunnies, cute until they bite your arm off...

And there's some chicks at the bottom just to fill up space. I did a lot of drawing on top of other drawings to save paper, and plus, when you have a full page it looks more like a peice than a bunch of doodles on a page.

I think that'll be about it for today. Until next time...

--the balls

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